What is Crestlight?

As a Silicon Valley-based innovation and investment platform provider, Crestlight brings corporations, venture capital and the broad startup technology ecosystem together to create a very advanced innovation and investment system. For corporations, we solve the business challenges that emerge when billions of things become connected. For startups, we are a super accelerator to advance product-market fit and for our investors we provide a high performance investment system. 

"Crestlight's pioneering co-innovation coalitions are the next generation of corporate accelerator and corporate venture programs." - Cisco

Crestlight collaborates with its corporate members to determine the big challenges that the Internet of Things can solve, we then facilitate testbeds and market pilots with startups who can contribute to or provide solutions, and create strategic or economic opportunities for the companies. 

By changing the innovation and investment paradigm to first establish the use-cases with the companies, then connect those companies with startups to solve identified problems, real products are built and tested, and real business opportunities and outsized investment multiples are created as a result.


Our Mission

Propel innovation by facilitating collaboration between organizations, startups and venture capital

Rapidly increase corporate, startup and investment growth through streamlined programs that focus on problem-solution fit and solution market fit

Lowest cost innovation program…ever by combining companies, disruptive startups, lean startup services and venture investing


We Are...

  • A platform for innovation and investment

  • An ecosystem to define corporate and industry challenges

  • Coalitions to foster and manage unique partnerships

  • Venture capital to support startups

  • A solutions delivery system with facilitated business development

  • Leverage to expedite innovation

  • Insurance against disruption

  • An enabler to financial growth and strategic advantage