The Program

The CIC enables its corporate members from across a variety of industries to outline member specific pain points, source global technology solutions and startups and to engage with vetted startups and collaborate in test-beds and pilot projects. 


The program consists of five modules:


Each founding member is offered a private and confidential use-case workshop to provide input on pain points, opportunities and technology focus for the startup search. Crestlight works with founding members to package the pain point / opportunity use-cases into attainable and actionable goals for an advanced global sourcing process.

Use-case Workshops-


A global competition and startup search through CIC’s proprietary database and sourcing partners is conducted to identify the most promising startups for program participation. From the overall applicant pool, approximately 100 carefully selected startups are chosen to discuss defined use-cases with the founding and strategic members of the coalition. Scouting and filtering continues until the best 30 startups are invited to join the program. 

Startup Challenge-

To increase the program effectiveness, the 30 startups participate in a one-month corporate readiness program in Silicon Valley and Las Vegas. They go through an intense practical due diligence process before getting introduced to CIC members. The program is a learning experience and preparation for corporate engagements. Sessions cover topics such as business models, business development, team building, capital discipline, and corporate preparedness. 

Venture Studio-

Field Production-

Facilitated access between corporate members and startups continues throughout the year and centers on the two core areas of the program; test-beds and market pilots.Technology test-beds are an open collaboration between the corporate technical subject matter experts and the startups engineering leaders. The primary focus of this area is the bi-directional input to advance and align the technology with corporate or industry specific needs. Customer feedback and coaching on design, business model and scale assure unprecedented and maximum corporate benefit.

Market pilots will provide direct and tangible insights as to the efficacy of the startups technology to solve the use-case. This area is typically collaboration between the corporations’ business units and the startups’ leadership.

Corporate members benefit from their participation in exclusive events. Innovation forums, expos and off-sites will help members gain deeper understanding of the market trends and information.

Including; Innovation Forums, Connected Industry Technology Exposition, Offsites and Dinners.

Industry Insights-