What is Crestlight

Crestlight is a pioneering program focused on connecting the spokes in the rapidly expanding Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) ecosystem. CIC is a non-profit organization that propels innovation by fostering global connections between corporations and startups. Crestlight provides a service dedicated to digital transformation of the corporate members we serve.

For the client members we serve, Crestlight builds and manages the programs that create a continuous flow of innovation opportunities. 

What is the Crestlight Venture Production Program?

Exclusive to startups from the Industrial Internet of Things arena, our objective is to find and grow the most promising ventures, support them in creating pilot projects with coalition members, and lead them to a successful exit or proper series A financing.


  • Online questionnaire
  • Interviews
  • Venture Studio
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The application process consist of three tiers. The process begins with a start up filling out our initial application listed on our site. The application covers the basics and introduces us to the team and the technology. There is no dead line for applicants but we are using a rolling application process. The process will last run until we fill all of our spots. Applying early will increase the chances of there being open spots for your company. If a start up is granted permission to proceed to the next phase, they will be required to fill out a second application that gets into the heart of your business. The third tier of the process includes phone interviews with the Crestlight team and may end with acceptance into the program. Teams that are not chosen are encouraged to continue developing their product and business and reapply for our next round.

Venture Production:

  • 30-days intensive program in Silicon Valley and Las Vegas
  • initial investment of $25k to cover your expenses
  • lean startup, minimal viable marketing, corporate partnership, mentors & venture producers
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The Venture studio will be an intense 30-days in Silicon Valley and Las Vegas. Approximately 30 start ups will be accepted into the studio and receive $25k in funding to cover expenses. The program is a learning experience and sessions will cover topics including team building, capital discipline, legal, accounting/back office, intellectual property and more. Acceptance into this program does no guarantee progress into the field and forum phase.

Field Production:  

  • 6 to 18 months venture production system with customer test beds and pilot projects
  • follow on financing of up to $2M
  • continuous marketing, business development, and back office support
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This phase consist of hands-on business development support and guidance from the Crestlight team and their contact base. Startups in this phase can receive up to $2M in funding through several stages. We will support teams with marketing, book keeping, recruiting and other services. Crestlight will also prepare and connect startups with our corporate partners. Corporate partners work with startups and provide guidance, early customer feedback and test beds. The program last 12 months and ends with a series A or proven business model. In a nutshell, we empower founders to focus on successfully building their technology, products, and businesses by eliminating much of the noise and distractions.