Operation Centric Support

Our backgrounds as successful entrepreneurs, operators and corporate executives in some of Silicon Valley’s and the world’s most successful technology and product companies, along with our extensive experience in investing and lean startup methodology, make us keenly aware that, as pre-series A investors, our primary role is to leverage our instinct, wisdom, operating skills and contacts to benefit our entrepreneurial teams.

Our venture partners and advisors are experts in many key areas:

  • Capital Deployment – Alignment among hiring, operation spending, valuation, staged growth and follow-on investment
  • Leadership Development – Create and lock onto the key value creators, real-world, candid guidance, critical business decisions
  • IP & Technology – IP strategy, asset valuation and execution, scalable technology worthy of a Global market
  • Minimum Viable Marketing – Create a clear succinct message used to recruit clients, key hires and investors
  • Customer Development – A systematic approach to running sales experiments to find, confirm, secure and grow clients; repeatedly
  • Business Development – Drive revenue, strategic partners, acquisition and competitive advantage
  • Exit Preparation – Turns an event into a business process with early alignment on exit potential, time value balance, dedicated teams and due diligence room