Guided by our founding members, the coalition will serve to solve project based challenges identified exclusively by our members. These projects, using our members as a testbed will focus on deploying technology and business model experiments into the market seeking to find real world solutions that can be scaled.

Coalition efforts will center on the national market of homes, living areas and communities and focus on infrastructure, mobility and connected living. Led by Crestlight Ventures of Silicon Valley, founding members include Keller Williams, technology, marketplace companies. The new coalition will accelerate the testing and deployment of new Smart Home and connected living technologies.  Developed in partnership with Keller Williams, we are inviting additional founding members to help shape the innovation program. The innovation projects will build on the direction from our founding members in efforts to seek startups that can solve the challenges and then scale to become real world solutions. The projects willleverage new, low cost connectivity and the Internet of Things to help improve day-to-day life for home owners, community residents and the service and product companies that build and support this marketplace. 

Founding Members