Crestlight's venture capital funds and associated investor syndicate network invests in the startups that support our coalitions. This fosters unparalled collaboration between investors and startups to drive economic growth and outsized venture returns. 

While the primary strategy to back startups that enter the coalition program, our funds will also seek investments into Industrial Internet of Things startups that can benefit from our network of corporations and venture production system. 

We believe that there is unprecedented value in the new business models that are created when you connect industrial machines, infrastructure ecosystems, cities and people at work to the internet. Our startups strive to unlock this vale.

We investments in the following areas:

coalition use cases

Our coalitions drive dozens of use cases and hundreds of startups. We invest in the startups that are selected to participate in our coalitions.

Additionally, we invest outside our coalitions into technology that we believe can advance Industrial IoT and move the industries the serve forward. 

Industrial IoT Core Technology

  • Security, Authentication & Interoperability
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Fog & Edge Computing
  • Sensors, networking & wireless

Smart Connected Products And Applications

  • Smart, connected next-gen products
  • Vertical product apps & analytic solutions
  • Industrial wearables and connected workforce
  • Consumer demand & supply sensing