industry leading corporations drive coalition innovation

Coalitions drive innovation in markets such as digital city, connected home, digital manufacturing, transportation, industrial equipment healthcare and retail.  For each coalition, Crestlight teams up with global corporations who are leaders in their industries. 

Co-innovation coalitions are the next evolution of the corporate accelerator. They are vastly more productive, far less expensive and directly focused on solving corporate challenges.

Coalition Benefits

Access, understand and leverage technology from around the globe and many industries. By creating an innovation platform you can take your market leading position to new heights. 


  • Purpose built by the members for specific enterprise needs
  • Lead innovation in your market
  • Build your talent pool


  • Gain expertise that may not readily exist in your industry
  • Move the needle quickly on your innovation strategy
  • Increase your insights and perspective


  • Stay ahead of the curve and see what's next
  • Access and leverage disruptive technology
  • Co-innovate with members to try new things and challenge new concepts


  • Less that one executive Full Time Employee
  • Tangible & measurable business impact
  • Early access to M&A and investment opportunity